I'm really bad at coming up with blog post titles.

I know I said a while back that I was starting to sew again, and so I've been working my hardest on all my little projects. So far, I've sewn a scarf, 3 purses, a dog carrier, and a couple other things I think...haha I can't remember. Here are some pictures though:

Makeup roll up

Inside of the makeup roll up

Makeup bag

Inside of the makeup bag

Purse #1

Flower on purse #1

Purse #2

Pet carrier

Just so you can see the colors (Navy & Paw print fabric)

Closeup of the paw print fabric

Makeup bag #2


Purse #3

Sooo...that's been my sewing adventures so far! ha Just comment if you want a tutorial for any of it. I followed other people's tutorials for everything except my pet carrier and the floral purse (not the grey checkered one)...well, technically, I DID follow a tutorial for the floral purse, but towards the end, I gave up on it and made it how I wanted.

- Katie

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