Chests & Feathers

Well, Ashley and I went to 3 different vintage stores in Puyallup, a little thrift store, and Goodwill 2 days ago. We find tons of things, but they were all pretty expensive. There was only one store that was somewhat cheap, so we both got really old books there. I got a dictionary from 1933, and she got a bible from like, 1917 or something like that.

Other than that, I got a new (not used) swimsuit at Goodwill. Yesterday, we decided to lighten Alissa's hair, so we did one application yesterday, and one today - she went from medium/dark brown to light blonde! Its not absolutely the best, because I mean...I didn't have all my tools. I just used what came in the hilighting kit, but I still think it looks great!

While Ashley and I were downtown, we decided to get feather extensions in our hair. There was a salon right downtown that did it for pretty cheap. I got 2 little burgundy feathers and a burgundy strip of hair. She got a burgundy strip and a stripey looking feather. Her's is cooler. lol I don't care though, I think both of ours are cute. :)

Today, after we got our extensions, Ashley wanted to go back and buy a chest that we found yesterday. It is absolutely gorgeous. Its really big, white, and has big pink and blue flowers painted on top. Its chipped and you can tell its old. It was also on sale (always the best!) :P

- Katie

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