Since I am moving to Washington, I will not be able to attend VSU anymore. I applied to Pierce Community College, Puyallup, and I just got the e-mail today saying I was accepted. I'm glad I at least know where I'm going...now I just have to finish my stupid financial aid. Yuck.

We went to the beach again today, and we ended up collecting some more shells...go figure. :P We had a whole bunch of sand dollars from previous trips this summer, and I attempted to bleach them. They didn't bleach very well though, so Ashley and I decided to paint them tonight!

Tomorrow. we are going to antique stores & thrift stores to see what we can dig up. :) I will TRY to remember to post and say what we/I got. hahaha, there's no telling I'll remember though...I'm getting really bad at posting every day. Also, I found 2 new blogs to follow today, and this cool website called Lucky Chic. Its pretty cool, you should check it out! If you do though, send me your e-mail address so I can send you an invite and get extra chips/money. ;) haha...no, seriously.

- Katie

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