Avenged Sevenfold

Yesterday, I was on Stumble and found a recipe for cinnamon pull-apart bread that I really wanted to make so I went to the kitchen and started rounding up the ingredients. I realized we didn't have butter, so I decided to just use Crisco instead. It was all good until I realized my homemade dough was NOT rising, and the Crisco burnt me when I pulled it out of the microwave after attempting to melt it. HA! After I cleaned all the melted/drying Crisco up, I quit for a while. Later on, I went to Walmart to get the rest of the stuff to finish making it. (I had to remake the dough because I put 3/4 a cup too much sugar in the first time anyways...hahaha.)

I finally finished making it around 4:00 this morning (7 am for you East Coasters). Since I went to bed so late, I ended up not waking up until like 1:30 this afternoon! Ashley and I had planned on running to the mall today to look for some shorts for her, so I got up and got ready speedy quick! haha. We made our way to the mall around 2, but when we got there, we realized there weren't any good ones, so she bought a purse, and then we walked by a tattoo place. She decided she wanted to get her long-desired replication of the Avenged Sevenfold logo on her back. 

Her first tattoo! (and only, she says :P) It was cool being on the other side...and not the one getting the tattoo. :P Her getting it really made me want another for some reason...although she made it clear that it was painful. I don't know why'd I go back in after watching her go through that, but I want to...haha! 

When we got home, I briefed her on aftercare since her artist didn't for some reason, and then we died her hair. (yes, again. :P) After we lightened the underneath and died it purple, we realized it was only semi-permanent, meaning it wouldn't last very long. It has already started fading, so we just used the same color from the top, and made it all one color! 

With there being extra purple, I decided to put a streak of purple in MY hair. :P So now, I've got a purple streak, a burgundy feather, and HOPEFULLY I'll have my burgundy streak and other burgundy feather put back in soon. Goodness sake, I had TWO of my extensions fall out the same day I got them. One of them fell out twice in the same day, and I went back and had it put in right afterwards. 

Not the best picture, but you can kind of see the extensions. :)

Well, I'm going rinse out this purple & see how it looks. :)

- Katie

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