Best Day of My Life

No, that's a lie. Actually - I'm terrified of getting a lecture & being yelled at. I got sick this weekend, and I missed church (where I get paid to sing in the choir) and I also missed my rehearsal for school choir. We have a concert tomorrow and I feel like I'm going to get yelled at in about 30 minutes when I go to class.
Also, I can't find my music folder. I'm not really sure how this class is going to pan out...

I have dance later on though - So maybe that class will be better :)

I'm still feeling awful, but a tinyyyyy bit better. I'm trying to suck down some hot drinks so I can fix my throat. I can't NOT sing today...we have a concert tomorrow! We'll see how this works out as well...haha

Jordan's asleep and I'm just trying to be quiet, so that's why I'm blogging. I think Toddlers and Tiaras is on, so that's what I'm watching. Hunger is setting in...but I'm on a diet, so I'm trying not to think about that either!

I WILL do laundry tonight...no, that's a lie. I'll probably do it on Wednesday or something.
I just found out I have to stay here for Spring Break. FML. I don't have the money to drive home. hahaha. I'll be alright though. Okay - I'm gonna put some eye makeup on & attempt to look like a person who's not at all sick. :P

***EDIT: My day got better...we got our TBΣ pins :) We crossed December 3, 2010. We JUST got them! (along with our membership cards of course) YAY, We're actual members now. :) hahaha

- Katie

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