In the Beginning

I get bored, complain to the boyfriend too much, and sometimes...just need to talk to invisible people, so here I go.

If you've read my about me, you know that I am 19 and attend VSU. I am a music education major (for voice), and I plan on teaching on a high school or college level when I get older.

Some random facts about me:

- I'm in Tau Beta Sigma, a National Honorary Band Sorority :)
- I used to be a biology major.
- I have a little brother. He's 16, and not so little anymore, but...you know. :P
- I have been dating my boyfriend for over 2 years. (That's Kaleb!)
- I'm slightly OCD, and I'm very cautious about grammatical errors.
- Jordan is my roommate. I'll probably use her name a lot.
- America's Next Top Model, Make it or Break it, and Pretty Little Liars are my favorite 3 shows.
- My favorite singers are: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, & Mariah Carey. :)

To get on to the point of the blog:
I just wanted to have a place to get everything out, and to talk about my day...hence the title Life of a College Kid. :)

Today started out with my voice lesson - at 9 a.m. [yeh, kill me now! I didn't choose that time...haha] I had to sign up for my Wednesday recital...so I will be performing in 2 - 3 weeks. Nerve-racking! After my lesson, breakfast was definitely a must. I went to the dining hall...alone (sad day. I hate that) and ate my nasty eggs, burnt french toast, and undercooked hashbrown. (they just know how to cook everything wrong, hunh? :P )
I went to 2 more classes today...and then decided to skip the 3rd one. (that's one reason I love college life) I've started talking to my best friend from home a lot lately, which is awesome. Because I freakin miss her! She lives like 5 hours away now. Absolute opposite ends of Georgia.
I'm going to go finish watching America's Next Top Model now. I missed it last night...so I had to catch up ;) If you like that show...you should DEFINITELY look up the other versions of it. Australia's is my favorite aside from America's of course. (I just LOVE their accents haha)
I don't think I'm going to be getting into any trouble tonight...but if I do, you'll know tomorrow :)

- Katie

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