I've spent my entire day with the most amazing man ever. :) First we went to church together at my mom's church, then we went out to eat, and then we spent time together at his parent's house. (We've missed them!) They have a new puppy, Layla. She is 6 months old and a black lab! She was rescued, so she's still a little nervous around people...but she's so cute.

His mom (Sonia) and I went to Home Depot to return something she bought..and then the thing they sent her BEFORE they sent her the right thing that she ordered. For some reason, every person that was working there had absolutely no clue what to do about the items because they wouldn't show up when they scanned them. It took them 30 minutes to realize the had to call a manager to the front!

Anyways, tomorrow is a sleep-in day and I'm excited! I need to get to posting on my little eensy weensy fashion blog I have. Any ideas to write on? Do you know of anything that is cute? (& cheap. These questions are obviously directed toward my imaginary readers that I hope are there. lol) I've got some ideas, just haven't done it yet! :P

Krispy Kreme = DO NOT EAT. I am so sick from those stupid donuts. I'm kind of glad we don't have one in Valdosta now. Last night, I started watching Parent Trap, (the sixties one!) and I absolutely LOVE it because that used to be my favorite movie, so I know just about every line from the Lindsay Lohan version. It's pretty cool comparing them. :)

I'm going to finish it now. ;)

- Katie

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