Stress in a Coffee Cup

I have three tests this week. I have been staring at my computer screen for 2 hours now typing up flashcards for only two of them!

I haven't had coffee in over a month, and within 2 hours, I've already consumed two tall white chocolate mochas from Starbucks.  When they say college is hard - THEY MEAN IT. :)

So, if you're not in college...take their word. If you are, you can relate. :P

Tips for studying:
1. WEAR PAJAMAS. No one cares what you look like. I'm glad I changed before I got to the library...which brings me to numero dos:
2. ALWAYS STUDY IN THE LIBRARY. If you use your computer to study, it will distract you enough. You don't need to be in your room sitting on your bed where you're likely to fall asleep, watch tv, talk on the phone, read a magazine, or whatever else.
3. STUDY WITH A FRIEND. Of course make it a friend you know you'll actually study with, but make sure that you have someone with you that will make you study. Ask them if you can have a mutual agreement: "Ask me if I'm studying every ___ minutes, and I'll ask you the same thing every other ____ minutes." IT WORKS. :)
4. I don't know what else. But make sure you study. It helps. hahaha. I need sleep. :P


- Katie

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