Jones in the Fast Lane

So, I've missed a couple days...but this entry will make up for it muahahaha :)

I'm home...3 hours away from school. I'm at my mom's house for part of the break, and then I'll go to my grandma's for another part of the break. Today, I woke up at 4 pm. Ridiculous, I know! I had to make up for all the sleep I haven't been getting though...so I think it's okay.

Anyways, when I woke up today, I started texting my cousin (Morgan) and we decided to go shopping. Once we finally got ready and left, it was like 5:15 or 5:30. We went to the mall, saw someone I totally didn't expect to see, went to Olive Garden and Krispy Kreme (shame on us), and then came back home. We got home around 10:30...and I was definitely surprised to see my mom still awake...I found out she had someone coming over...bleh.

I knew I had to do laundry - I FINALLY DID IT - haha, and while I was out in the garage, I started cleaning...it was so messy out there. I found this game I have been wanting to play for SO LONG. It's called Jones in the Fast Lane. Its so old that its on floppy disks. (I just looked at the date on it...1989.) haha I don't care though. Its freakin awesome.

I would have shown my face, but I look like absolute crap right now. :)

Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to church with my mom, brother, cousin, and aunt and uncle. I haven't ever been with them...so I'm excited. Random things - I painted my nails dark purple, (Jordan's nail polish ;)) I got a green dress for St. Patty's Day, I got this patterned tank, (so cute. and I'm definitely going to have to take a picture and put it on here) and I ate donuts today. MULTIPLE. I definitely canNOT do Lent. haha. Jesus loves me anyway.

I'm going to attempt to play Civilization now since Jones in the Fast Lane won't work. :( Good Night :)

- Katie


  1. I didn't know you blogged! I would totally follow you if you had a follow link.

  2. hahaha oops. I'll have to fix that! and I just started in March!