The Day Has Come

Recital was today. 22 minutes ago, actually. I did good, but just good, not great.

Now, I'm going to sit in my room & watch Grey's Anatomy until my 1:00 class. I love today Mondays & Wednesdays...they're the classes I like - Choir & Dance.
As you know, I did laundry yesterday. Usually, after I finish late at night, I'll leave it in my laundry bag and put it away during the next few days as I feel like it. Last night though, I managed to wash and put away FOUR loads of laundry. crazyyy. I have clean clothes now though. :)

I won a Rice Babies Baby Doll the other day from Ruffles and Stuff. :) Maybe I should go get a scratch off or something, because I don't EVER win anything. I'm feelin' lucky.

***14 hours later - I just got back from walmart with some of my sisters. We bought stuff for the sorority so we can decorate our bulletin board and make it pretty! :)

My voice lesson is cancelled tomorrow, so my first class isn't until 11:00. WOO! :)
I'm going to watch Grey's Anatomy & go to sleep :)))

P.S. I finally figured out how to change the time zone, so now it says the actual time that I post. :)

- Katie

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