Insane Asylum

I feel like I've been awake for days. Not in the tired kinda way that you feel when you pull an all-nighter studying...but in a different kind of way. Kind of like people feel when they work night shifts, so they wake up at 4 or 5 in the afternoon before they go to work. Maybe its because I DID wake up at 5 yesterday afternoon, and I haven't been to sleep since. I know its only 7 am, but I will not have any time to sleep between now and probably 5 or so tonight.

I'm not one of those teens who can skip a night or two of sleeping - I need my sleep. Whenever I pull all-nighters for tests, you better believe I sleep every single minute of my hour between each class the next two days. So, yeh - I feel very odd...but not tired. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this.

Yesterday when I woke up, I went to the gym, walmart, and then to Kaleb's house. :) [I can't wait to get back to school so I can start working out again. I quit because of everything that was going on with the friends I went to the gym with. I really need to get back to it though. When I went with Morgan today - I felt like CRAP because I couldn't go as long as I used to be able to!] When I got home I layed down, played computer games, and watched this show Baggage. My mom had like 37 episodes recorded, and I'd watched everything else...so I was like Hey, Let's try this. It was okay. Okay enough that I watched it for almost 8 hours. I couldn't sleep...I'm home alone with my little brother - who was asleep. I'm so weird. I can't shower, sleep, or be in a quiet house alone (at night time).

Anyways, I won't have the chance to sleep anytime soon because currently, I'm waiting on my brother to go to school so I can get up, take a shower, clean up the house, and whatever else. My mom and brother have a slight problem with cleaning...and when I say slight - I mean my mom does one room and thinks she's done a great job of cleaning, so then she quits. My brother doesn't know what 'cleaning' is. So right now, I'm making a list of things for him to do after school. (It's a half day for them...parent teacher conferences) So basically...you have to write down every single thing for him, or he'll skip and not do it. Actually, I'm pretty sure he'll find a loop hole in something I've written.

So, I think that is all for now. I will be cleaning a crap ton before my grandpa comes to pick me up! I'm going to their house for the rest of the week. :) I love them! <3

Yes, it's really hosted by Jerry Springer. You have got to catch an episode of it. I only really watched it so long to see what baggage people had. Some examples were: "I've never been faithful in a relationship", "I've failed my drivers license test 9 times this year", "I once cheated on my boyfriend with his twin", "I've buried 13 pets in my backyard", "I dated a woman while she was in an insane asylum", "I clean my home with maxi pads and tampons", & "I got paid for sex 6 times while in a relationship". I mean, that's some crazy stuff. I can't even remember all of them that I watched. lol But, they were crazy. 

- Katie

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