The Planets

I feel like I haven't written in days, but its really only been 2 days. Yesterday was a visitation day for high schoolers, and they closed our dining hall off so only they could eat there. We were forced to go to the other one, and it doesn't have as much variety. Also, as Tori says, we feel like zoo animals because the high schoolers, their parents, and their brothers and sisters come and walk around campus and look at everything and look at us. Its just so weird.

I had rehearsal on Friday at 7 pm. Then we had it again on Saturday at 10:30. We had a concert last night at 8, and now we have another one, and I have to be there in 20 minutes. I really don't wanna go! All we do is stand backstage and sing some 'ahs'. I'll be okay though.

**EDIT: I woke up at 3, went to my concert, and then went to hang out with my bruhs & sorors. :) After that I came back to campus and watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy. [I'm up to season 7 now!] Now its time to watch ANTM, and then go to bed!

Tomorrow,  I have studio at 10 am, so I have to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. I know I probably won't though. Anyways, I'm offa hereeee. G'night.

- Katie

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