Jack & John

Like I said yesterday, I got a new dress for my recital that's in a couple days. I went to the factory outlets at 204 and went to Maurices. Everything there was way too expensive, so I decided to try Dressbarn to see if there was anything cheaper. I was a little upset because everything was actually the same price. I found a couple dresses I liked because there was a 'buy 2 dresses, get 10 dollars off' sale going on. I tried them on, and only liked one of them. As I'm getting ready to leave the dressing room, my grandmother brings me this hideous dress. I didn't even know this store HAD hideous dresses! Almost everything I'd found was cute...I think she did it on purpose. Anyways, she brought it to me and asked if I liked it. I didn't want to be mean, so I said yes & tried it on...not thinking she'd make me come out of the dressing room in it. I felt like a 10 year old who's parents make them show them their clothes on before they buy them!

Well, I finally decided on the first dress, hurt her feelings a tiny bit (sorry grandma), and went searching for more. I found some more, but none that I wanted, so we went to check out. As we're in line, I found an owl ring! (remember, I am in love with owls right now) I wanted it so very badly, but I didn't see the point in paying $12 for it. Cato sells rings for like $5. (That's where I work) I can't find a picture of the ring, but I found one kind of like it. The pictured one looks a little cheaper though...

Goodness, I loved it. I kept looking around and I found these SUPER cute owl earrings. The picture I took isn't the greatest, but they're bronze with lime green/yellow, baby blue, royal blue, and black on them. I wanted to name them...because they're father necklace is named Pete Feathers, but Kaleb didn't like my name. (Pete Feathers Juniors) So he named them Jack and John Feathers. :) They were $10 and well worth it. :)

P.S. I'm quitting my job at the church. I'm so stressed out by that job. That's all.

- Katie

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