Pete Feathers

I was on ebay a little over a month ago, and I was browsing around trying to find something to buy on my credit card, (bad idea...) and since I am obsessed with owls, I tried to find an owl necklace. Well, I found one; it was $1.50 and free shipping - so of COURSE I had to buy it. I found out after I ordered it that it was being shipped from Hong Kong. Seriously, of ALL places?! I was so excited, and I had to wait a month to have my little necklace.

It came in the mail last week, I think...and when I put it on, I decided I HAD to name him.

His name is Pete Feathers. I think its an adorable name :) Kaleb probably thinks otherwise...I was with him and asked him for help on the name haha.

I love that Pete is bronze and black, because I can wear him with almost anything :)

Today, I lost my glasses...but I found my music folder! haha My week is just not going that well. Lunch for this amazing Wednesday is french vanilla flavored yogurt by Yoplait. :)

Okay, now its time to go finish studying for my test...that is in an hour and twenty minutes!

- Katie

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