Sick Days

I know I'm posting this the same day I just posted the other one..but the other one was about yesterday - and this is about today.

When you live at home and you have your parents around to help take care of you - it's a lot easier to do things or to get better faster. Well, I don't live with my parents anymore, and I haven't for a while. Actually, I haven't lived with my mom for almost a year now, but I haven't lived with my grandparents for like 7 months. So I guess I've basically lived on my own for 7 months.

Being sick while living on your own is not the easiest condition to be in. I can't afford medicine to help me get better, I can't afford to go to the doctor to even SEE what's wrong...it's just a mess. I know I'll be able to get better, and take care of myself, its just an odd feeling knowing you have to do it yourself.

Onto the good stuff in life...

I got tired of my fingernails being not painted last night, so I finally painted them. I saw a picture of Vanessa Hudgens' nails, and all of them were one color and her ring fingers were a different color, so I had to try it. All my nails are black except my ring fingers - they're red. My toenails are red with black and silver designs. :)

I have laundry to do now. booo. I just did it like 2 days ago. I think the reason doing laundry sucks so bad is because you have to pay for it. The washers and dryers are small - so you can't fit much in there...and they charge like $1 per washer and .50 per dryer. I guess its better than doing it in the laundry mat though.

I wish the dining hall served breakfast all day on Saturdays and Sundays, but if you go at this time - It's probably old and hard, haha.

- Katie

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