Color Blocking

Last night, I figured I would pick an outfit to wear today so I could get up and get ready quickly. (one of those I'm-in-college-so-I-want-as-much-sleep-as-I-can-have techniques) While I was picking out outfits, I of course asked Jordan which ones looked okay, and which ones she didn't like. I finally chose a shirt I wanted to wear & tried on like 3 different shirts over and under it. When I finally picked one, I decided that I looked like cotton candy, but all Jordan had to say about it was "color blocking is in right now; I'd wear it". So I did.

My 3 tests are coming up. One is tomorrow - Dance. He claims we don't have that many people or dates to learn...but we do. Thursday of course is my psychology & history tests...I hope I'm ready. I know I'll be in the library for a long time this week.

Tonight I have a chorus concert. We are singing some crazy pieces talking about world disasters. I will have a video up as soon as I can. :)

Concert Performance (Click CTQ - Continental Trombone Quartet) :)

- Katie

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