Pat on the Black

We finally made it back to Valdosta, & I'm happy to be back. My recital is in 4 days, and I'm still really nervous about that. I got a dress though! It's zebra print with a yellow belt. Love it :)

I'm at my happiest, snuggled up in bed wearing Kaleb's sweats, watching Grey's Anatomy, and about to go to sleep! We are getting up early for church tomorrow, and then after that, I get to FINALLY go back to my dorm. :) Maybe its weird that I enjoy living in such a small space with someone else..or maybe  its weird because there should be no way for me to enjoy 30 other people living on my hall, but I absolutely love living on my own. If this is the only way I can do that right now, I'll be happy with it. There's no one telling me when to eat, when not to eat, when to go to bed, if I can skip class, NONE OF IT.

Jordan and I are good friends. Great friends. We talk about everything, she probably knows way too much about me, and I probably know way too much about her, but isn't that how its supposed to be with a roommate? One of my other friends doesn't even talk to her roommate. She never had a huge problem with her...Its just that from day one, she was like "I don't want to be friends, I want to be roommates, and that's it". I just don't see that working out. I would never have been able to bring Kaleb over. Our room would have never been switched around. I would have less shoes & jewelry to wear. (yeh, she's definitely not my size in shirts & pants haha) I just don't understand how you can get through college with someone living in the same room as you...but never ever talking. When Jordan and I had our big fight...it lasted days. We said like 5 words to each other the whole time, and it was miserable. When one of us came into the room, the other left. My whole point is: DON'T hate your roommate. Be friends. If you have to do everything you can ever think of to be nice to them, do it. It will be worth it.

I know I wrote every single day over spring break, and maybe some of it was stupid, but I have to get my thoughts out somewhere. Anyways - Spring Break was overall a good week. I spent time with my family, and got to do some things I don't get to do at school. I'm not wanting to go back though, a week was plenty of time for me. A lot of things happened over my break, things I probably shouldn't talk about on a blog where anyone can see. I didn't 'grow up' over spring break by any means, but I have learned some things this past week. I've learned for one, that I will be a lot busier from now on. Not only will I have school, Kaleb, friends, choir, and the sorority, but I will also be catching up on some things I haven't been doing that I should have. (can't believe there's anything else to fit into my schedule, hunh? me either.)

Be that as it may, (I looked up the word 'anyway' in the thesaurus. haha) I am going to watch my show now, that I have been talking about for like 3 days now. Night <3

- Katie

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