Spring Break

Today I took my history and psychology tests that I've been stressing over for 2 weeks now. I don't know how I did...but I guess I'll know after spring break! Anyways, my psychology class was at 3:30, and that was my last class of the week - so my spring break has officially begun.

I will be spending my entire break sleeping and learning my part for Holst's 'The Planets' & practicing my solo piece that I have to perform on March 23rd. (By the way, in that picture...I'm only singing G for eleven measure straight...[haha] & that's not the hard part...I just didn't take a picture of the hard part.)

Now, since there's no more class to worry about for a week, it's time to clean my dorm. I hate coming back to a messy dorm after a break from school. Even if I just leave for the weekend...
Laundry is a must...I guess. haha I need clean clothes at least for one week. 

Just to throw out there...I'm going to New York at the end of May this year, and then at the beginning of June I'm going to Seattle. I'm a bitttttt nervous...I've never flown by myself before. (that'll only be for Seattle though, I'm flying to New York with my choir) Anyways, I think it's naptime for a while.

1. Naptime.
2. TBΣ 
3. Cleaning/Laundry
4. Pack
5. Sleep through tomorrow because I have no class. :)

- Katie

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