Work, Work, Work

It has been raining every day this week. Not the best thing to happen, but I guess rain is always a good thing. At least we're not in like, a drought. Anyways...today, I went to Wednesday recitals at 10, and was done at 11. I slept in my dorm for an hour and a half, but woke up like 5 times from the thunder. It was SO loud! After that, I went to my 1 o clock class, and my 3:30 class, and then I was done! Yayy.

I had to be in a town 20 minutes away at 5:30 for rehearsal. We had our concert at 6:30, and then we ate some food that they cooked us for dinner at 7:30. It was really really good. :)

Tomorrow, we leave at 6:30 AM <----- !!!!! Yeh. 6:30 am. Way too early. Butttt, we're singing at 7 schools I think between tomorrow and Friday, so we won't have voices on Saturday. Our first annual band banquet is also on Friday. We get back at 6, and I have to be there at 6 to help set up. (stress!) After that ends, I'll be done for the weekend. I think...well, I hope! haha. These past two weeks have been very stressful and  busy. 

I'm going to get some sleep. Good night. :)

- Katie

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