Birthday Party

Two days from now is one of my sorors' birthday! She is turning 19, but since it is during the week...another one of our ls' decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her this weekend...so we did. I just want you to know...that is one HARD thing to do when you don't have a car...and you both live in a dorm! We originally planned on having a pool party for her, so yet ANOTHER one of our ls' [ls means line sister by the way...they are the girls I crossed with into the sorority :)] said we could have the party at her apartment, and swim in the pool at her apartment complex.

RAIN RUINS EVERYTHING...or so we thought. We got up at 10:30 am yesterday (a no-no in college. haha, you sleep when you can) and we realized the forecast said it was going to rain, so we had to change the plans to go swimming at the student rec center at our school. So now we've got a place to swim, what about a place to eat and actually have the party? We called as many people as we could, and we FINALLY found a place! (Thanks Jasmine) 

So while we're doing all this and trying to find places, text people & tell them place and time has been changed, and whatever else we had to do...we were shopping for food, decorations, and everything else. I'm just saying - Sam's, Walmart, AND the Dollar Tree were not giving us any space to walk around. People love going out on Saturdays I guess! Once we finally got back, (1:30) we had to go get her & bring her over thinking she was just going to have a big/little day with her big Jasmine! 

The party went well; the pool didn't go well. The rec center had a swim class going from 4-6 pm. (we got there at 4:00) so we decided to just go to an outside pool. (it ended up NOT raining) The water was of course absolutely freezing, so we sat in my big's apartment for like 3 1/2 hours just talking. I do love my bruhs and sorors, so its okay...the day was a LOT of fun whether things turned out perfectly or not. The birthday girl was happy too!! :)

Haha, sorry I had to block everything out - I didn't want anyone to creep on us. That was my status though, and she had a great time! :)

- Katie

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