Lovely Friendships

Enjoy what you have, but don't be jealous of what you don't. Don't hope for something different, or wish things had turned out differently. Love your friends and family, and don't ever look back at who's hurt you or damaged something of yours. Thank those who hurt you, and let them know that they are only a lesson learned in your life. Be thankful, love, and let others love you.

When I was younger, I was one of those girls who didn't have a boyfriend until high school was almost over. I've only kissed one guy, and he is the guy I'll spend the rest of my life with. I'm glad I listened to others when they told me not to worry. "Your Mr. Right will come along one day, and you'll be glad when he does" is what they said. I didn't believe them, but eventually I shut my mouth and listened. Now I've realized that I have who I need in life. God has put me through enough to teach others how to handle what I've had to deal with. Sometimes when you're in the middle of a huge mess that you think will never get better, you have a realization. Usually it tells you how to get better.

James 1:12 says : "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him."

I am not the kind of person who goes out and tries to push my religion on everyone, but when I believe something, I like to share it to a certain point. This bible verse has pushed me through so much. I know as a teenager, life is hard. Its hard to think as a teenager and get along with parents at the same time. Its hard to think everything you say is right, or maybe its hard to get your parents to understand. Maybe its hard because you are raising someone you shouldn't have to raise. Maybe you have to grow up way before you should have to, and its not the way normal people get to do it.

Love life. Enjoy what you have. Don't leave your friends because you have something better to do. If you have someone who will stick by your side when you are sick, or while you're going through a breakup...or maybe just comforts you when you've had a bad day and feel like crying...KEEP THEM. Don't lose a friend because you think  you can find someone better. Don't dump a boyfriend because there is one thing wrong with him. Everyone has mistakes. It's taken me a long time to realize I have to forgive and forgive and forgive again when someone hurts me.

Maybe this is a little too deep for you, but its how I felt. I think people need to be reminded every once in a while. I need to be reminded, and I know I have people to do that for me. Especially Hannah. I miss her so much...she used to be the person I would go to school and ask every question I could think about God. She didn't always know the answer, but she always steered me in the right direction. She's my best friend, and I'm glad I know that if something is wrong, I can talk to her no matter what. She doesn't live by me anymore...actually we live 5 hours apart, but I know that if I need direction I can talk to her. We've had our ups and downs, but I've forgiven her, and for some reason...she's forgiven me. (I think its because God told her to. ;) haha)

Anyways, I think my point is...love. Love everyone. Forgive everyone. Do what God says...you'll be happier.

P.S. I got an orange slip of paper today leaving my dorm. Basically, people were telling us not to let people 'tailgate' into the dorm. So...don't open the door and let others in. [I just wanted to put this in here...because my blog is a college blog, and I wanted to say...don't let strange people in your dorm. They could cause a LOT of trouble!] Okay. I'm done now. :)

- Katie

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