Chicken Pot Pie

So, a few weeks ago when my mom came down here to visit for my birthday, she brought me this kit she got to make chicken pot pie. It came with 12 tortillas and 2 cans of chunky chicken. Since I didn't know how to make it, I've been putting it off. I do love some good chicken pot pie though, so I finally decided to make it! :) The crust was not as good as normal chicken pot pie, but one day I will buy everything to make it from scratch for real; for now though...you get to see how I made it in my dorm.

First, I set the oven to 350 degrees & got a medium-sized pot and poured in a can of cream of chicken (and a can of water), a small can of mixed peas and carrots, and half of a large can of corn. I put it on medium heat and stirred it for a few minutes. When it got close to boiling, I turned it on low heat, and put a lid on it.

Second, I got two paper towels, wet them (rung them out so they were just damp) and stuck a tortilla in the middle of them. Popped 'em in the microwave for about 25 seconds, and them molded them in the muffin pan.

Next, I filled the crusts with the mixture of veggies, chicken, and cream of chicken.

Last, I cut a small circle out of a tortilla to cover the top of the pie. (I couldn't get the crust to pinch together...because its only a tortilla. You're supposed to also cut slits in the top, but I did that on one and it broke. So I didn't do it on the other two.

 I put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.

They're small, so you could probably eat 2. It ended up being REALLY good actually. I loved the crust on top because it was so crunchy. :) Hope you enjoy your own chicken pot pie!

- Katie

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