The Laundry Monster

I have come to realize that doing laundry is probably the worst thing to do in college. Its not like when you live with your parents. You can't just stick it in the washer and come back 2 hours later to put it in the dryer. And you definitely cannot just leave it in the dryer for someone else to pull out and put on the couch or fold for you.

Our laundry room that I'm in!

Washers take 25 minutes. Dryers take 40 minutes. (if your clothes are even dry by then) And yes, I do usually have to sit in here until everything is done because I'm afraid someone will steal something from me!
The washers & dryers are very old, and not taken care of. People leave panties, socks, and boxers in the machines because they don't check well enough to see if they got everything.

You have to learn what days are good to wash laundry, and what days are bad. Not only do you have to find which days are good, but you have to figure out what time of they day on that day is good. I'm in the biggest laundry room we have on campus, and usually when I come in here, I get one or two washers for 4 or 5 loads. Then I'll get one or two dryers for those same 4 or 5 loads. People push you out of the way, people leave things in the machines, and they usually don't even work right.

This year, my school grew by over 3 thousand students. With that, they had to make an upperclassmen dorm a freshman dorm. But, they also needed to build a new psychology building. What did they do...tear down half the dorm to build the new psychology building, and leave the other half for me and the other 99 lucky freshmen. Guess what was in the part they tore down? Yes...that would be our laundry room. So now, we get to walk across campus to whatever dorm will let us in to wash our clothes.

So, remember all those times I complained about laundry? That's why.

I'm lucky today though, I'm really the only one who's been in here consistently. Most of the other people washing laundry live in this dorm, so they can go back up to their room while its going. I'm alone, and its mostly quiet. I was watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix (imagine that. ;)) but somehow, my sound stopped working...so here I am. :P

I'm almost done, and I am about to fold up my clothes, and hike back across campus. (its really not that big. haha) When I get back, I'll be putting my clothes away and going to bed. I have to be up at 8 tomorrow!!! Yes. 8 a.m. I don't ever get up that early.

I really don't know why I put this on here. But, I found it and liked it. So...yeh. :) [plus, its in my dorm & I'm washing that shirt...so its kinda related to the blog. haha]

Hope you're looking forward to college...and the wonderful laundry rooms. :)

- Katie

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