Scrimp n Sausage

Today's been long. I had my appointment in Savannah at 2, but apparently my grandmother had one at 11 that I didn't know about. She tried to wake me up like 3 times before I finally got up...but then I fell back asleep. They ended up leaving me home and coming back for me for my appointment. It took us 30 minutes to park - imagine that...lol. We were done within an hour, and then we came back home to start cooking...drum roll...my low country boil. yum! It was my 'belated birthday party' with the family & Kaleb. :) It was SO GOOD.

That's about it. Short post today. :)
Good night <3

P.S. It's 9:53 pm...I wonder why it's posting at the wrong time?

- Katie

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